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What Sets Toronto Airport Limo Apart From Normal Cab Service?

The choice of transportation is greatly dependent on the distance you are traveling. For distances within the city, taxis are often the most popular choice. On the other hand, the other hand, there are quite a few situations in which a limo service will be a better choice. For example, when you wish to travel to or from the airport, a limo will be a much better choice for your travels. There are several reasons as to why a Toronto airport limo service will always be a better choice for traveling over a cab.

The Prices

Most people believe that a limo will be costlier than a cab for the same distance. This is only partly true. If the distance is long enough, the prices for a limo rental will be similar to what you will have to pay for a normal cab service. Even if the prices are higher, the fact is that you get several amenities which are unavailable in the cab. As such, the limo is worth paying the higher price for.

The Amenities

What set the limos apart from normal cabs are the amenities available inside the vehicle. Consider the air conditioning and luxury upholstery. They may or may not be available inside the cab, with absence being the greater probability. On the other hand, you are certain to get them in a Toronto airport limo. At the same time, a limo will give you access to other amenities such as an entertainment system and even a bar.


The Vehicle

It is not just the amenities but the vehicle itself which should be considered as well. A cab has little chance of being a clean one. It might smell of smoke and the dirt from the previous fares can still be visible. After all, cabs are rarely regularly. On the other hand, a limo will be cleaned after every trip. As such, it will always look clean and good.

Moreover, limos are maintained on a regular basis. Therefore, there is very little risk of a breakdown. Cabs may undergo such maintenance but most drivers only perform the repairs at the last moment.

The Driver

Another major plus point for the limo is that you will get a chauffeur. In other words, the driver will be fully uniformed. They will be ready to help you out with the little things such as picking up the luggage and so on. In fact, the chauffeur will take steps to ensure that you are given a professional service. On the other hand, the cab driver will be worried about the next fare and less willing to assist with the luggage. Of course, you can forget about any uniform.

The Waiting Times

This is a factor when you are trying to go to your hotel or some other destination from the airport. With a cab, you will have to hail one. That can take time. However, a Toronto airport limo will be punctual enough to wait for you to arrive instead of the other way around.

With all of these features available in a limo, you should certainly consider one for your next trip. It will be more enjoyable than a cab for certain.

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